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Rendezvous 2014
Horse Spring Coulee Ride
Whistler Canyon - April 2014
Scotch Creek Ride May 2014
Bannon Mt Work Party May 2014
National Trails Day
Sinlahekin Trail Dedication
Chewuck/Cathedral Packing
BCHW Work Party - 2014
Johnny Beall Trail Complex Work Party - July 2014
Trail Clearing 8-23-2014
2014 VIP Ride
Image Gallery 2014
Rendezvous 2014 The 2014 BCHW Rendezvous was held at the KVEC at Ellensburg Washington.
Horse Spring Coulee Ride We had our first chapter ride on Saturday, March 29th on the WDFW property at House Spring Coulee.  Nine riders with 8 horses and 2 mules braved the possibility of rain for a 2+ hour conditioning ride.  The rain stayed away until after the ride and most people had returned home.  This ride provides a good early season opportunity to help condition horses and riders. 
Whistler Canyon - April 2014 During April there was trail work on the entire length of the trail and on the 20th a few members rode part of the trail.
Sinlahekin This tree has been blocking the trail for over a year now.
Scotch Creek Ride May 2014 We had a chapter ride on the 8th of May.  We started out at the Conconully end and rode to the homestead.
Bannon Mt Work Party May 2014 OVC Chapter work party at Bannon Mountain on May 16th, 2014.
National Trails Day On National Trails Day we worked on the 4th of July campground, the Cabin trail, and the 4th of July Ridge Trail.  The low and dead branches in the trailhead area were removed as well as some thinning of the volunteer pine trees was accomplished.  The Cabin trail which had previously been logged out was brushed out clear to the junction with the Antoine Trail which will be logged and brushed next week.  The 4th of July Ridge Trail has been logged out from the campground to the junction with the South Side Trail.  Al in all we had 9 OVC members involved plus 2 horses and 2 mules.  We had 4 certified sawyers cutting at times.
Sinlahekin Trail Dedication On June 7th several of us attended the dedication of the new Sinlahekin Trail which runs from HQ to Hunters Camp.
Chewuck/Cathedral Packing

We did some packing for the USFS on the 27 of June.  They are building a bridge a couple of miles down the Cathedral Driveway.  We packed 42 planks including 4 that were 8 footers.  Our group consisted of Trygve Culp with a saddle mule and a pack mule, Stan Kvistad with the same, Chris Williams (USFS) with a saddle horse and a pack horse, and Dave Sunde with a saddle horse and 2 pack horses.  Stan, Trygve and Dave stayed overnight so we could get an early start.  Chris came up in the morning with his stock.  Dave Swanberg also came up and helped us build loads and load up. 

BCHW Work Party - 2014 The 2nd annual BCHW statewide work party was held over the 4th of July weekend.  We returned to the site of the Table Mountain Fire, but this time we worked in and around the Ken Wilcox Horsccamp at Haney Meadows.
Johnny Beall Trail Complex Work Party - July 2014 For 2 weekends in July, the Okanagan Valley Chapter worked on the Johnny Beall Trail Complex on DNR land in the Loomis Forest.  On the first weekend we packed Carsonite trail markers to the section of trail through Goodenough Park to the Pasayten Wilderness boundary and brushed and logged out the trail from the International Airport to the salt grounds.  We also improved the tread from the airport to the bridge and constructed a turnpike on a section of trail just prior to the bridge which is prone to water damage.
Trail Clearing 8-23-2014 Trygve, George, and Dave cleared the trail in preparation for the VIP ride.
2014 VIP Ride We had a joint OVC and FCC VIP Ride on September 6th.  We invited the commissioners from both counties, the District Forest Service Rangers form the Republic and Tonasket Districs as well as our 2 State Representatives and State Senator.  Since there were meetings in Olympia, the Okanogan County Fair, and presently no ranger yet named for Tonasket, we didn't have as many VIPs as we would have liked.  However, the new ranger just assigned to Republic was able to attend as well as one Ferry County Commisssioner.  Jim DeTro one of the Okanogan County Commissioners was there to see us off and wish us well but he was not able to ride due to committments at the fair.
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