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Whistler Canyon Trailhead Construction
Chiliwist Ride
Halloween Party
Whistler Canyon Ride Through
4th of July work Party
Maple Mountain Ride-Through
OTC Trailhead Signs
2012 Wilderness Pack Trip
Linda's Fun Ride
2012 Ice Cream Social
Pine Creek Ride
No Host Dinner June 23rd
Wilcox Work Party
Whistler Canyon Bridge Projects
Whistler Canyon Bench Project
April 21st Sinlahekin Ride
April 4th Packing Clinic
Bridge Timbers and Picnic Tables
March 30th Sinlahekin Work Party
2012 Cabin Fever - Night Out
BCHW Calendar Raffle
Image Gallery 2012
Whistler Canyon Trailhead Construction After several years of planning, fundraising, delays, and false starts, the construction finally began on November 5th, 2012 with the start of the new access road and driveway.
Chiliwist Ride We had our annual Fall Color Ride in the Chiliwist on Sunday October 28th. 
Halloween Party The annual Halloween Party was held at the Tonasket Senior Center on Friday October 26th.
Whistler Canyon Ride Through On Saturday September 30th the chapter had a celebration ride starting at the location of the new Whistler Canyon Trailhead, up Whistler Canyon and the Wild Horse Spring Trail to the Wilcox Trailhead.  We had a BBQ/Potluck at Wilcox.  We had 11 riders and 12 horses on the 14 mile ride and a total of 20 people at the Potluck.
4th of July work Party The chapter had a work party to disassemble the trailhead sign at the 4th of July trailhead so we can refinish it over the winter months.  We also painted the frame using official USFS brown.
Maple Mountain Ride-Through On Saturday September 8th the Ferry County and Okanogan Valley Chapters had a ride-through from Granite creek to Sweat Creek over the top of Maple Mountain.
OTC Trailhead Signs The Chapter built 2 trailhead signs for the USFS by way of an OTC grant.  The signs were prefabricated in Dave Swanberg's shop and then installed at the 14 Mile Trailhead and the Irongate trailhead.
2012 Wilderness Pack Trip Bob and Vicki Gish, Dave Sunde, Trygve Culp, Jeannie Paddoc, Lynn Kennedy
Linda's Fun Ride Linda's annual "Fun Ride" was held this year at the Loup Louop summit.

The PNTA is building/rebuilding the old Goodenough Trail from the International Airport to the Long Draw Trail and then on to Horseshoe Pass.


2012 Ice Cream Social We held our annual July Ice Cream Social in the Triangle Park on the Omak Stampede Grounds tonight.
Pine Creek Ride On Sunday the 24th of June the chapter held a ride on a 3,300 acre ranch in upper Pine Creek.  Thanks to Peggy Swanberg and Lynn Kennedy for the photographs.
No Host Dinner June 23rd On June 23rd we had our monthly No-Host dinner at the Bonaparte Lake Resort Cafe.
Wilcox Work Party On May 26th and 27th we installed the fire rings and picnic tables we built.  All in all we placed 3 tables and 3 fire rings.  There are now 3 seperate camping or picnic spots at the Wilcox trailhead.  We also completed logging out the 100 trail and the Wild Horse Spring trail.
Whistler Canyon Bridge Projects Two Tonasket High School students have chosen to each build a bridge as their respective senior projects.
The first pictures show Stan and Trygve falling and dragging the trees for the sills and stringers.
Whistler Canyon Bench Project In April our chapter was asked if we would help sponsor a senior project for an Oroville student.  On April 23rd Trygve Culp, Dave Swanberg, and Dave Sunde met with Oroville senior, Ivan Rodriguez on the trail to discuss placement and mounting details for 2 benches he has made.
April 21st Sinlahekin Ride Our first chapter ride of 2012 was in the Sinlahekin on April 21st.  We started at Hunter's Camp south of Blue Lake, rode north on the east side of the road crossing over to the west side at the south end of Blue Lake.  We followed the newly cut out trail on the back side of the lake to the Blue Lake Campground.  Gail Sunde and Tom and Donna Windsor had a fire going, hot coffee and a potluck lunch ready for us.  After eating our fill (and then some) we reversed our morning route arriving back at Hunter's Camp about 2:30.  There were 11 riders in total on a pleasant day and there were no incidents.
April 4th Packing Clinic On April 4th the Okanagan Valley and Ferry County Chapters put on a Packing Clinic followed by a potluck dinner at Dolly Watkin's new barn outside of Republic.
Bridge Timbers and Picnic Tables On April 2nd we cut picnic table and bridge planks using a small sawmill and logs obtained from a member.  The 3 picnic tables are for the Wilcox trailhead and the bridge decking is for 2 bridges on the Whistler Canyon Trail.  In the following days we continued to process the planks and built steel frames for the picnic tables.
March 30th Sinlahekin Work Party On Saturday March 30th 11 chapter members braved snow and rain to clear trails in the Sinlahekin Wildlife Area.
2012 Cabin Fever - Night Out
BCHW Calendar Raffle BCHW Sold 2012 Calendars last year.  Each calendar had a raffle ticket included.  There are 11 monthly drawings, each the last day of the month from January through November for a prize of $300 each month.  In December a final drawing will take place and that winner will receive $3,000.
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