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Chiliwist Ride 6-16-2013
Granite Creek Bridge
National Trails Day - 2013
Bannon Work Party May 2013
At the Range
Image Gallery 2013
Chiliwist Ride 6-16-2013 On Father's day the chapter had a ride in the chiliwist.  We rode from Stan's place out to Rawel Lake and back.  The round trip distance was about 10 miles.  We left at about 10 and were back by 2.  The beavers have been busy so the horses got to experience walking a section of road covered by about a foot of water.  When we arrived back at the ranch house Gail and Cathy had a lunch of fried chicken, corn on the cob, several salads, desserts and drinks set out for us.  All in all it was a very enjoyable day.  Even though it was Father's Day we had 17 riders.
Granite Creek Bridge On June 13th there was a joint work party with the Ferry County Chapter.  We installed bull rails on the Granite Creek Bridge.  We also needed to clear over a dozen trees accross the trail just to get to the bridge and do our work.
National Trails Day - 2013 For our National Trails Day Project we chose Whistler Canyon.  We had several projects going on at the same time.  The PNTA installed a new sign at the US 97 entrance to the trailhead.  We packed up 2 benches built as an Oroville High School Senior Project, assembled them and installed them.  We lanscaped the center burm in the parking area and we started installing over 400 feet of fence around the area.  The first people arrived about 8 AM and the last ones out left at about 6:30 PM

Bannon Work Party May 2013 We scheduled a work party for Memorial Day Weekend at Bannon Mountain.  The good weather brought out several groups so we shared the campground with some fishermen, a family on a camping trip and others.  Everyone seemed to get along fine.
At the Range

Thanks to two of Okanogan's Sheriff's finest deputies, Travis and Blake, we had a great time learning gun safety and firing our weapons last Saturday May 18th at the Okanogan Sheriff's Gun Range. Learning how to load and handle a fire arm is probably easy for some folks but for me, I was glad to learn some safety tips and gain some confidence with loading and firing my 22 pistol for target practice. I learned how to have a good grip on the pistol by holding my thumbs on the side and how to hold my 'trigger' finger off the trigger until I am ready to fire. Although we ladies outnumbered the men we found some of us were more at ease with pistols than the rest, but we all found out something new as we reviewed the safety instructions given by the Sheriff's deputies. Deputy Blake gave us some ideas about shooting when on horseback and to acclimate your horse to the noise of the pistol before you try to shoot off on him. I can speak for Linda, Verona, Cher, Cathy, and Gail that we all had a good time. George made hamburgers and hot dogs for the group and we all enjoyed the company of friends that love the back country and honing our shooting skills together. Thanks to Dave Sunde for setting up the time and the two deputies who helped. "Okanogan Sheriff's department you ROCK" as the kids would say today!

Lu Young

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